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Leather click collars

Leather click collars

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Tough dog collar

These dog collars are really cool! Not only because they are made of leather, but also because there is an option to have your dog's name put on a piece of leather on the collar. If necessary, I can also make a medal with your telephone number on it. The collars are made by ourselves in my studio, so 100% handmade.

They are made of 2 layers of leather, which means that stretching is reduced. This does not mean that the collar is very stiff and thick. Not at all, I think it is very important that the collars I make are nice and flexible for the dog, but sturdy enough. The collar has bronze fittings and is finished with stitching in a matching color. And opens with a click buckle, which makes it easy for owners to put on the collar.

The collars can be combined with a matching leather leash or harness.

Check your dog's neck size carefully in advance. You do this by holding a measuring tape around the neck with 2 fingers in between. Meola Leather Dogs uses its own measurements, so measuring or copying from another brand of collar is not sufficient.

Size S is 15mm wide and can be adjusted from ; 20 to 28cm

Size M is 20mm wide and can be adjusted from ; 30 to 53cm

Size L is 25mm wide and can be adjusted from ; 43 to 76cm

Different color or size? Order here!

Delivery time; 1 week

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