Frequently Asked Questions

What size harness do I need for my dog?

To find a perfectly fitting leather harness for your dog, you should measure your dog using this video . Are you in doubt? Send me a WhatsApp via the chat function on the website. You can also make an appointment to visit my studio (Mon-Fri) and I will measure your dog.

From what age does my dog ​​need a harness?

From the moment your puppy leaves the nest you can immediately start wearing a leather harness. This is very pleasant because the dog immediately learns that a Y-harness goes over the head and that the harness fits comfortably. It is not the intention that a puppy gets the wrong association with a harness! A leather harness is also very nice against tangles.

From the moment the puppy comes out of the nest he can do this until he is 6 months old and from that age I can make a forever harness.

When can my dog ​​wear a leather harness that is permanent?

I can make a forever harness for your dog from 6 months. Your dog would then grow a little, but I take this into account when making the harness, so that it is extra adjustable. Please let me know in the comments how old your puppy is and I will take that into account.

Is your dog small in the sense that it remains under 10 kilos? Then I can make a forever harness sooner. Do you have questions about this? Ask them via the chat function on the website.

Is the leather of these harnesses supple?

1000% yes, I always make sure that the leather of the harnesses I make is supple enough. This does not mean that they are not strong, because this is the case due to the 2 layers. Of course I ensure that the leather for puppies or small dogs is even more flexible than for large dogs. That is why the S and M from the collection are always softer and more flexible than the L and XL from the collection.

Does a leather harness or line stretch a lot?

I always stitch 2 layers of leather together to reduce this. It is still leather, so you can always stretch it a little.

Will my dog ​​get fewer tangles from these harnesses?

1000% yes and that is because these harnesses fit your dog perfectly, they are highly adjustable and because they are made of soft and supple leather.

Can I personalize these harnesses?

Yes, the harnesses and collars can be personalized with a name or text on the name tag and I can put your telephone number on the tag.

Which model of harness do you make?

I'm a fan of the Y-model harness. This is the model that you will find in our collection. You can read everything about this model of harness in this blog.

Will my dog ​​pull more with a harness?

If your dog pulls, my number 1 tip is to always train him or her and ensure that, in addition to walking, you both master it together. Number 2 is, please do this with a harness and not a collar. I have heard several stories from customers that the harnesses help against pulling and that is because it fits the dog completely. There is also an option to have an extra ring made on the chest where you can click the leash.