Collection: Harnesses

Does your dog need a perfectly fitting leather harness? The model that you will find in our collection is the leather y harness for your dog. And these harnesses are suitable for all small dog breeds and large dog breeds. Such as a harness for your dachshund, a harness for your Chihuahua, for your Doodle, your Aussie, Cavalier, Labrador, really anything.

The perfect color

We have a standard collection in which 5 'standard' colors can be found. You can find a black, army green, cognac, blue and wine red leather harness here. Would you like a different color? Which can! We currently have more than 50 different colors of leather for you to choose from. You can find the color chart with the custom leather dog harnesses. You can choose a pink, lilac, purple, gray, orange, red, dark brown, beige, green, yellow or brown leather dog harness. There really is a lot possible.

Suitable harness for your puppy

Always fits perfectly

All harnesses we make are made of leather and are made entirely by hand in our own workshop in Dordrecht. We are fans of the Y-harness model, because the dog has the most freedom of movement with this harness model. We have ensured that the harness is maximally adjustable. This model of harness is usually too short on the back and not adjustable between the front legs. We have addressed these 2 problems by making the back extra long and ensuring that the part between the front legs is adjustable. This allows you to pull the harness back and prevents it from chafing the armpits.

Supple leather

Why a leather harness? Because leather fits completely to the dog's body and this way he has the least 'inconvenience' from it. We use nice and supple leather, which does not mean that the leather is not strong enough, but this so that it is pleasant for the dog to wear. Of course we use a different type of leather for a Pomeranian (very flexible) compared to a Stafford (flexible, but somewhat thicker leather). We can fully advise you on this. And for example, this dog harness for the car is also perfect because the leather is nice and supple and it does not bother the dog when he lies down in the car.


You can have your dog's harness made with a name. I attach this to the back. And you can also have a leather tag made on which I can put your telephone number. I make these name tags and medal with my laser machine.

Leather harness completely custom made

Does your dog not fit into the standard collection or do you want a different color or width of leather? Everything is possible! We make everything by hand in our studio in Dordrecht, so everything is negotiable. Indicate on the product page what you would like by going through all the extra options.