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CUSTOMIZED leather leash

CUSTOMIZED leather leash

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Tough dog leash

These dog leashes are really cool! It is made of 2 layers of leather, which means that stretching is reduced and it is nice and sturdy. The line has bronze fittings and is finished with stitching in a matching color. The lines are made by ourselves in my studio, so 100% handmade.

The line can be completely customized, it can be made adjustable or not. In a standard, adjustable size it is 110cm at its shortest and 170cm to 180cm at its longest. If it is a fixed line, it can only be used on 1 length. It is also possible to have a 3 meter line made (adjustable or not).

Lines can be made 15mm, 20mm or 25mm wide.

To colour

Check this page for color inspiration. You can determine the color yourself. It is even possible to order a line in 2 colors. I stitch 2 layers of leather on top of each other and these can possibly be made in 2 different colors. In the photos you can see many colors (numbered), so you can see which colors we currently have in stock. Always let us know which number you would like and also how you see this color. Suppose you want cognac and the number you have chosen is in real army green, then I will send you a message so that you receive the color you expect. This is sometimes difficult to see in the photo.

Delivery time; 3 weeks

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