Collection: Limited collection

What is the limited collection of This collection appears several times a year and is an addition to the standard collection that is always available. In this collection you will find leather dog harnesses, leather dog leashes and leather accessories that you can use to style your dog's outfit completely.

Nice dog harnesses

This limited collection will be different every time. Always something extra than the standard collection. For example, cool colors, very winter colors or summer colors. Because you don't wear the same clothes in winter and summer, do you?

Leather dog harness

We are fans of these harnesses because they can be adjusted in 3 places and apart from that, this is the model that gives the dog the most freedom of movement. We call this model the dog y harness. This model is also perfect as a dachshund harness, for example. The back and front legs are extra long. This advantage of course not only applies to dachshunds, but this dog harness is perfect for small dogs, but is also a dog harness for large dogs.

Order a perfectly fitting leather dog harness

Have you seen THE perfect leather dog harness in the new limited collection of Nice! Then it is time to measure your dog based on the measuring video that you will find on the product page. Then you can order your favorite color and the right size. You can also customize it by going through all the steps and then adding it to your shopping cart. Do you have questions? Send us a whatsapp and we will help you further.