Collection: Standard collection

What exactly does the standard collection of Meola Leather Dogs entail? This collection will always be there and will be supplemented several times a year with a limited collection . The colors from the standard collection will always contain the 5 colors it has now. At Meola Leather Dogs we make all dog harnesses and other products by hand in our workshop in Dordrecht.

Best dog harness

It is so difficult to find a perfectly fitting harness for your dog and we have solved that problem at We are fans of the y harness, because this model of harness gives the dog the most freedom of movement. In the standard collection you will find the 4 standard sizes for dog harnesses . This also includes the 5 colors contained herein. If the dog harness does not fit, you also have the option to have a leather dog harness custom made.

Fashionable outfit for your dog

The leather puppy harnesses that we make are of course a very stylish outfit for him or her. And you shine right away too. Did you know that we can make the dog harness with a name on it? This way we can completely personalize the best y harness for your dog. Even a token with a telephone number on it is possible.

Adjustable leather dog leash

Of course, a harness is not complete without a handmade dog leash. The lines we make are also called leather police lines. They are adjustable to 3 positions. The dog leashes are standard 180 cm, but can also be custom made, so you have a leather dog leash of 3 meters.

Personalized leather click collar

We also make collars and these are not just any leather collars, because we make click collars. This means that it does not close with a normal belt buckle, but with a sturdy click system. Very nice for long-haired dogs or if you have difficulty putting on and taking off the right collar for your dog. And we can also make this leather dog collar with your dog's name.

Leather dog accessories

To complete your dog's new outfit, we also make leather accessories that you can add while walking. For example, we make a dog passport cover. Of course completely made of leather and you can also personalize this passport for your puppy. We also make various exhaust bags, leather drawing bands and you can buy gift vouchers from us.