Collection: Handmade leather dog leashes

Did you know that the leather dog leashes we make are adjustable? The double leather dog leashes that we make can be adjusted at 3 points if you buy a standard leash. The standard lines are a maximum of 170/180cm long.

All beautiful colors in a row

In the standard collection you will find a black leather dog leash in 15 or 25mm. We also have a cognac, wine red, blue and army green leather dog leash in 15 or 25mm in the standard collection. If you go for a custom line, you can choose from all the colors you find on the color chart. For a leather dog leash you may have brown, pink, orange, red, gray, bright yellow, lilac, beige, really all the colors that are available.

Wide leather dog leash

The lines we make are standard 15mm that are used for small harnesses, collars and therefore for small dogs. And then we also have a wide variant in the standard collection and they are 25mm wide. These are for the larger dogs.

Long leather dog leash

Of course it is also possible to order a custom leather dog leash. If you order a custom harness or collar, you will automatically end up in a custom line. With the custom leather dog leashes you can choose a 15mm, 20mm or 25mm wide leash. And you can also choose whether you want a leash of +-170cm long in an adjustable or fixed form or you want a leather adjustable dog leash of 3 meters long. This can also be fixed or adjustable, but it will always be extended by 1 ring.