Collection: Tough leather collar

Did you know that we make all leather dog collars entirely by hand in our studio in Dordrecht?

Exclusive dog collar

We deliberately opted for a closure with a click system at Meola Leather Dogs. I have long-haired dogs myself and sometimes my hands sometimes bother me and if you have to put a belt buckle on and off your dog's neck several times a day, it is very annoying. This way you have a good collar for your dog that is very sturdy and can be put on and taken off very easily.

All colors of the rainbow

In our standard collection you will find snap collars of 15mm wide for small dogs. The size M for doodles, cockers and similar breeds of 20mm wide. and then you have the 25mm wide collars for the larger breeds. In the standard collection you will find one collar for your dog in black, army green, blue, wine red or cognac. Do you want a different color, width or size for your dog? Then you come to the custom collars, where you will find, for example, a collar for your dog in pink, a dog collar in brown, bright yellow, red, gray, lilac, purple, green, beige and you name it. You can really choose from the entire rainbow, the color chart can be found on the custom page.

Click collar with name

Of course, our leather collars with names are for sale. You can completely personalize them. You can also have a leather collar made with your name and telephone number. I will put the name on the collar and your telephone number on a tag that will hang on the collar.