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Handmade leather Y-harness CUSTOMIZED

Handmade leather Y-harness CUSTOMIZED

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Width of harness

Dog harnesses in a y model that match your outfit perfectly, but are also the most comfortable outfit for your dog. The harnesses are made of leather and there is also an option to personalize. No more hassle with a harness for your dog that causes the harness to get stuck in the armpits or is not kind to the coat. All leather y harnesses from Meola Leather Dogs are made by hand in my studio in Dordrecht.

Never again a leather y harness that doesn't fit

A harness that just doesn't fit your dog, how annoying is that? Just too big or just too small, you can't adjust the size and it sits in your dog's armpits. This is a thing of the past.

We think the Y-harnesses are fantastic, they can be adjusted in 3 places, so your dog no longer has to have the harness in the armpits. This provides more freedom of movement. The harness can be adjusted at the belly, neck and between the front legs. The part on the back is the only part that is fixed.

Step 1 for a perfect leather harness for your dog is to measure your dog. You can do this using the video that I recorded and which you can find here on the left.

Step 2 is to determine the width of the harness. If you have a small dog weighing about 6 kilos or less, I recommend going for the 15mm. If your dog weighs approximately 7 to 17 kilos, I recommend the 20mm and from 20 kilos the 25mm. The overlapping kilos can be filled in yourself whether you go for 20 or 25mm, this mainly depends on whether you want the harness to look nice and cool.

Do you find measuring your dog a bit exciting because you are afraid that the mat will not be correct? Then you can send me a WhatsApp to make an appointment. You can then visit my studio in Dordrecht (Mon-Fri) and I will help you. You can then immediately view all the colors in real life.

Soft and supple leather for your dog's coat

The harnesses are made of 2 layers of leather and are stitched together, which helps reduce stretching and provides extra strength. 2 layers of leather does not mean that the harness becomes stiff, not at all. All the leather I choose is always nice and soft and supple. Your dog's coat likes this and if your dog has long hair, the leather also reduces tangles. The harnesses are finished with bronze fittings and have stitching that matches the leather color.

Extra durable leather

The leather I use has been carefully selected and is extra durable. Why extra sustainable? Leather is of course already a sustainable material, because if you handle it properly and take good care of it, it will last for years. But the leather from Meola Leather Dogs is a little more sustainable, because the harnesses are made from rejected leather. Sounds a bit negative, but it certainly isn't. The large department stores that make leather products throw away entire sheets of leather if it does not fit into their collection or if there is an unsightly spot in the leather somewhere. So I buy this leather. It's a shame to throw it away and because I make everything by hand, I can just cut around these spots.

It is important that you (especially if you have a light dog) treat your harness with impregnating spray before use. This prevents it from staining your dog's coat.

Your dog's name on the harness

You have the option to laser your dog's name on the harness. I always use a sturdy piece of leather to ensure that the name remains legible. I can also engrave your telephone number on a medal. This can be useful if your dog is running loose and accidentally gets lost. This way, your dog can be returned quickly if your telephone number is on the tag. For Dutch customers I always use the country code +31, and for Belgian customers +324 for the telephone number.

Add extra options for a perfect leather harness

The click buckles on the harness ensure that the harness opens easily. There is an option to also put clips on the neck of the harness. This ensures that the harness does not have to go over the dog's head, you can literally put on the harness in 2 parts. Do you have a small dog under 10 kilos? Or is your dog's neck a bit narrow? But if you would like to use this option, I recommend that you indicate in the comments that you would like 3 clips instead of 4. I then put 1 clip in the neck, because this part is a bit stiff and If you place 2 clips next to each other in a small neck, this will not be comfortable for the dog. So if you have a small dog I always recommend 3 clips.

Does your dog pull a lot? Then it is useful to tie your line on the chest and on the back of the harness. If the dog pulls, you can correct it by applying a little pressure to the chest and this can reduce the pulling. Initially, I always recommend training the dog so that this is not necessary. If you like this, you can select the option of extra ring on the chest.

You can also combine the custom harness with a matching leash, snack bag and doggy bag.

Leather dog harness in all possible colors

When ordering custom harnesses you have the freedom to choose your own color! In the pictures above you can see a lot of different colors in the color chart (with numbers) to choose from so you can see which colors we currently have in stock. Always let us know which number you prefer and how you envision the color. Suppose you want cognac, but the number you have chosen actually looks more like army green, we will send you a message to make sure you get the color you had in mind. Sometimes it is difficult to see the exact color in the photo, you know?

To help you get started with all the color choices, it is good to think about this in advance; Do you want the harness to stand out or blend in with your dog's coat? Suppose you have a light dog and you don't want to see the harness, then you can go for beige. Do you have a dark brown dog and do you want the harness to be visible, but not a super bright color? Then you can go for cognac or army green, for example. So when choosing a color it is useful to keep this in mind.

For small dogs that have 15mm harnesses, we always take into account that the leather is nice and soft and supple. Of course we always pay attention to this, but there is a difference between a harness for a Toy Poodle and a Labrador.


  • Supple leather for a comfortable harness
  • Perfect fit due to the good explanation in the video or the option to have it measured
  • Well-adjustable harness, also for dogs that are still growing
  • Away with ugly harnesses and hello to trendy and classy harnesses
  • Goodbye to tangles in long-haired dogs
  • Option to personalize
  • Choose your own color
  • Easy to put on with the click buckles

Enough of those boring, uncomfortable suits of armor that hang in your closet and do nothing? Ready to bring joy back to your walks knowing your furry friend is wearing a perfectly fitting, stylish leather harness? Then don't wait any longer and quickly get one that suits you and your dog! We make it custom-made for you, with a delivery time of only 3 weeks! 🐾

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