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Handmade leather Y-harness dog

Handmade leather Y-harness dog

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These dog harnesses are really cool! Not only because they are made of leather, but also because there is an option to personalize the harness. The harness is made of nice and supple leather and we ensure that the harnesses fit your dog perfectly. No more hassle with too little freedom of movement because the harness is in the armpits or tangles due to the harness. The harnesses are made by ourselves in my studio, so 100% handmade.

Perfectly fitting leather y harness

Does your current harness not fit well? Is it too big or too small and can you no longer adjust it? Is the current harness stuck in your dog's armpits and does he or she therefore have too little freedom of movement?

We are fans of these harnesses because they can be adjusted in 3 places and because this is the model that gives the dog the most freedom of movement. We call this model the Y-harness. The harness can be adjusted at the belly, neck and between the front legs. The part on the back is the only part that is fixed and cannot be adjusted.

There is a harness of 15mm wide (S and M), 20mm wide (L) and 25mm wide (XL) in the collection. And can be combined with a leather leash or collar that you can also find in our collection.

Measuring your dog is the most important thing to make a well-fitting leather harness. In the photos you will also find a video. In this video I explain from A to Z how you can measure your own dog at home. Step 1 is always to measure your dog and use this to see whether a standard size fits your dog or needs a custom harness. You can always discuss with me which size would be best for your dog. Do you find it exciting to measure yourself? Then make an appointment to visit my studio (Mon-Fri) and I will measure your dog for you.

Like a second skin due to the supple leather

The harness is made of 2 layers of leather that are stitched together, this provides extra strength and helps prevent stretching. This does not mean that the harness is made of stiff leather, far from correct. I always ensure that the harnesses are made of nice and flexible, but sturdy leather. The harness has bronze fittings, is finished with matching stitching and opens with click buckles. We are in love with this system, because it is sturdy and also beautiful.

Leather is a high-quality material and this is also the case with the haberdashery that I have selected. The plastic with metal clips fit perfectly with a leather harness and are also easy to use. No hassle with a long coat that can get between the buckles, the buckles are secured with 1 click.

Say goodbye to tangles

The fact that the harness is made of leather is also very nice for the dog's coat. And you can say goodbye to tangles if you have a dog with long hair. Leather is very soft and does not chafe as is the case with fabric harnesses. Leather is like a second skin for the dog and this helps to reduce tangles.

Personalized leather dog harness

There is an option to have your dog's name made on the harness. I always do this on a piece of leather that is sturdy, so that the name remains clearly legible. I can possibly laser your telephone number on a loose token. Always useful when your dog is running loose and he walks in the other direction. Then your dog will be back quickly if your telephone number is on a tag. I always make the tokens with +31 or for Belgian customers +324 for the telephone number.

With the custom harnesses it is possible to customize the harness even more. You can choose the color, the width of the harness, you can add extra clips and possibly have an extra ring placed on the chest. Would you like to add one of these options? Then check out the custom harnesses.

Leather dog harness wine red

We have the harnesses from the standard collection in 5 colors and the first color is wine red. Nola (the light doodle) also has this color in the photos. This color is also described as burgundy red. It is important that if you have a light dog that you treat the harness with impregnating spray before use. This prevents it from staining your dog's coat.

Leather y harness army green

The army green harness from the standard collection is a really nice basic color. A real earth tone that is not very striking and blends nicely into the coat. The army green leather from the standard collection is very nice, supple leather and feels very soft. Can also be perfectly combined with a matching line.

Handmade harness blue

These harnesses are also available in blue. The blue color has a hint of lavender color about it. Is a slightly firmer leather in sizes L and XL. The S and M sizes are especially for small dogs and are very soft and flexible. This color is also perfect as a new outfit for your dog and completely matches today's trendy colors.

Dog harness y model cognac

The always classic cognac is popular with many. Goes with everything and is always a trendy color that even matches your outfit. The cognac leather is also very supple and soft. This does not mean that the harness is not sturdy enough, on the contrary. By stitching the 2 layers of leather together, the harness is sturdy and prevents stretching. Cognac is a good harness if your dog has a coat color in this shade and you want the harness to blend in with the coat. If your dog has a very light or black coat, the cognac harness will stand out more.

Black leather harness

A leather harness gives a very classic look and feels like a high-quality product. And the color black, well, what can I say about that? A color that really goes with everything. For a black coat if you want the harness to blend in completely and therefore not stand out. And for a light dog so that the harness stands out. The S and M are for small dogs and are very soft and flexible. I have taken this into account with all the colors.


Sizes S harness 15mm;
Belly 28-43cm
Neck 20-33cm
Front legs 12-16cm
Spine 8.5cm

Sizes M harness 15mm;
Belly 37-54cm
Neck 27-45cm
Front legs 13-18cm
Back 10cm

Sizes L harness 20mm;
Belly 45-65cm
Neck 35-56cm
Front legs 17-27cm
Back 15cm

Sizes XL harness 25mm;
Belly 54-87cm
Neck 42-74cm
Front legs 22-31cm
Back 18cm

Are you done with those ugly harnesses that you already have hanging in the closet and that don't fit at all? Are you ready to be completely happy again during the walks you take with your dog, because your dog is wearing a perfectly fitting leather harness? Then quickly shop for one of the harnesses that fits perfectly. Delivery time; 1 week

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