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Handmade leather Y-harness LIMITED COLLECTION

Handmade leather Y-harness LIMITED COLLECTION

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These dog harnesses are really great! Not only because they are made of leather, but also because you can completely personalize them. We use nice and supple leather and ensure that the harnesses fit your dog perfectly. No more hassle with harnesses that get stuck in the armpits or cause tangles. Our harnesses are made entirely by hand in our workshop. The harnesses from this limited collection line are completely limited and that means SOLD OUT.

Custom made leather Y-harness

Does your dog's current harness not fit properly? Is it too big or too small and can you no longer adjust the size? Does the current harness sit uncomfortably under your dog's armpits and restrict its freedom of movement?

We love these leather harnesses because they are adjustable in 3 places and are the model that offers the most freedom of movement for the dog. We call this model the Y-harness. The harness is adjustable at the belly, neck and between the front legs. The part on the back is the only part that is fixed and cannot be adjusted.

The leather harness is available in 15 mm width (M), 20 mm width (L) and 25 mm width (XL) in our collection. It can be combined with a leather line that can also be found in the limited collection. If the line you would like to match your harness is already sold out, have a custom line made and indicate in the description that you would like it to match the limited harness.

Measuring your dog is essential to make a properly fitting leather harness. In the photos you will also find a video in which I explain step by step how you can measure your own dog at home. The first step is always to measure your dog and based on that you can decide whether a standard size fits your dog or needs a custom-made harness. You can always discuss with me which size is best for your dog. Do you find it exciting to measure yourself? Then make an appointment to visit our studio (Mon-Fri) and I will measure your dog for you.

Like a second skin thanks to the supple leather

The leather harness is made of 2 layers of leather that are stitched together, which provides extra strength and prevents stretching. This does not mean that the harness is stiff, on the contrary. We always ensure that the leather harnesses are made of nice and flexible yet sturdy leather. The harness has bronze fittings, is finished with matching stitching and closes with click buckles. We are in love with this system because it is sturdy and also beautiful.

Leather is a high-quality material, and so are the haberdashery we have selected. The plastic with metal closures fit perfectly with a leather harness and are also easy to use. No hassle with long hair that can get between the buckles, the buckles are secured with 1 click.

Goodbye tangles!

The fact that the harness is made of leather is also nice for the dog's coat. And you can say goodbye to tangles if you have a dog with long hair. Leather is very soft and does not chafe like fabric harnesses can. Leather feels like a second skin for the dog and therefore helps to reduce tangles.

Personalized leather dog harness

You have the option to have your dog's name put on the harness. We always use sturdy leather so that the name remains easy to read. If desired, we can also engrave your telephone number on a separate medal. Handy if your dog is loose and runs in the wrong direction. Then your dog will be back quickly if your telephone number is on the tag. We always use the country code +31 for Dutch customers and +324 for Belgian customers.

With custom-made harnesses you can make even more adjustments. You can choose the color, the width of the harness, add extra clips and possibly have an extra ring placed on the chest. If you would like to add any of these options, please take a look at our custom harnesses.

Our limited collection is added several times a year and each time in a different guise. Be quick, because when these harnesses are gone, they're really gone!

Leather dog harness bright pink, the Ibiza variant

We call the first color of the limited collection the Ibiza color. This harness consists of 4 different colors. The back is bright orange with a crocodile print, the belly is beige, the neck is bright pink and the front legs are bright denim blue. It is important that if you have a light dog, you treat the harness with impregnating spray before use. This prevents the harness from staining your dog's coat.

Leather Y-harness green

The army green harness from the limited collection is a nice basic color. A real earth tone that is not very noticeable and blends beautifully with the coat. This limited also consists of 4 colors. The back is beige again with a crocodile print, the belly is dark green, the neck is army green and the front legs are apple green. The green leather is very supple and soft and can be perfectly combined with a matching line.

Handmade blue harness

These harnesses are also available in blue. The blue color is the only one in the limited collection that has 2 different colors instead of 4. The harness consists of dark blue and light blue with a crocodile print. This color is also perfect as a new outfit for your dog and completely matches today's trendy colors.

Brown Y-harness

The always classic brown is loved by many. Goes with everything and is always a trendy color that even matches your outfit. This harness also consists of 4 shades of brown. The back is beige, the belly is dark brown, the neck is cognac and the front legs are cognac with a crocodile print. The brown leather is also very supple and soft. This does not mean that the harness is not sturdy enough, on the contrary. This harness also blends nicely into the coat of most dogs.

Are you tired of those old, boring harnesses that just hang in your closet and don't fit well at all? Ready to be happy again on your walks with your furry friend, because he is wearing a perfectly fitting leather harness? Then don't hesitate any longer and get one of our unique harnesses, specially designed to fit your dog perfectly! But be quick, because our collection is completely limited and when they're gone, they're really gone! Delivery time: 1 week.

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