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LAL April 2023

LAL April 2023

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A LAL what is that? The CAL and KAL are well known among crocheters and knitters. So we have come up with a leather variant, the Leather-A-Long.

This means that this DIY package is divided into 4 videos. This is because this is a large DIY package, so this LAL is perfect for this project. And in this way I trigger you to make sure you finish the bag before the next video comes online. The first video will be online on April 22 and it contains the first part of this pattern. In the video I explain from A to Z how to carry out that part of making the bag. After this, part of the pattern will be online three more times on Saturdays, on April 29, May 6 and May 13.

The bag will be 15cm high, 25cm wide and 5cm deep and is a crossbody model. Of course you can also use shorter handles.

You choose whether you want 1 or 2 colors in your bag (you can see the leather colors in the photos), you choose whether you want matching yarn in 1 color or multiple colors, you choose silver or bronze haberdashery and you choose whether you want a straight or braided handle.

What is included in the LAL package?

- Tools; Braid tooth, awl and needle
- Haberdashery in silver or bronze
- All the pre-cut leather you need to make the bag


- WITH tools in 1 installment; You pay 90 euros in one go
- WITH tools in 2 installments; You pay 48 euros now, and 48 euros in a month
- WITHOUT tools in 1 term; You pay 71 euros in one go
- WITHOUT tools in 2 installments; You now pay 38.50, in a month you will also pay 38.50

You can indicate below which colors you would like to see in the LAL. If you already have the tools at home, you can also order it without tools.

You will receive the entire LAL package in week 16, so that you will receive your DIY kit before April 22.

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