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Photo on wood

Photo on wood

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Your favorite photo lasered onto wood? With 3D effect!

Such a shame if you don't do anything with the beautiful photos you took. These are of course valuable and we can capture them on wood for you so that your memories are never lost!

We use balsa wood to laser the photos onto. This wood is used in model building. It is light in weight and in color. Which means that you can see the photo very well. And that you get a super good 3D effect.
The parts that have depth in the photo are actually lasered deeper, creating this 3D effect.

Also nice as a gift to capture your photo on wood!

After ordering, please email your high-resolution photo to Would you like a different format? You can also send an email.
Do you send a horizontal photo? Then you will receive the size that you indicated as the longest size. Send you a square or vertical money, this is the same.

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