Learning to harness dogs

leather dog harnesses

Your dog deserves the very best

4 times a day during the exhaust run it's the same old story again. Your dog walks around like a meerkat when you put the harness on. You think; How wonderful it would be if I found a perfectly fitting harness.

How fantastic this would be

Imagine walking with your dog on the beach or through the woods. He lets himself go and enjoys nature. You can just see that he is completely happy and has full freedom of movement. Besides that, everyone tells you that the harness he is wearing looks so cool. When you get home you take off the harness that falls so smoothly around his body and you see that the coat is still beautiful and there are no chafing spots to be seen.

leather dog collars

It's really possible

Do you no longer feel like fussing with a harness that chafes, is too small and does not give the dog enough room in the armpits? Then our leather harnesses are the perfect solution.

Perfectly fitting

All harnesses we make are made of leather and are made entirely by hand in our own workshop in Dordrecht. We are fans of the Y-harness model, because the dog has the most freedom of movement with this harness model. We have ensured that the harness is maximally adjustable. This model of harness is usually too short on the back and not adjustable between the front legs. We have addressed these 2 problems by making the back extra long and ensuring that the part between the front legs is adjustable. This allows you to pull the harness backwards and prevents it from chafing the armpits.

Supple leather

We make leather harnesses because leather fits perfectly to the dog's body and this way it has the least 'inconvenience'. We use nice and supple leather, which does not mean that the leather is not strong enough, but this so that it is pleasant for the dog to wear. Of course we use a different type of leather for a Pomeranian (very flexible) compared to a Stafford (flexible, but somewhat thicker leather). We can fully advise you on this.

Choose colors

We have a standard collection that includes 4 'standard' sizes of dogs. Does your dog not fit here or do you want a different color of leather or haberdashery? All possible! You can determine the color of the leather yourself, we will advise you by looking at what breed your dog is. And you can choose whether you want the harness finished with bronze or silver fittings. The standard collection is always finished with bronze haberdashery.


You can completely customize your dog's leather harness by adding a leather name tag that I attach to the back. And you can also have a leather tag made on which I can put your telephone number. I make these name tags and medal with my laser machine.


Does your dog not fit into the standard collection or do you want a different color or width of leather? Everything is possible! We make everything by hand in our studio in Dordrecht, so everything is negotiable. Indicate below on the product page what you would like or send me a WhatsApp message.