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How do I measure my dog?

A perfectly fitting harness for your dog really sounds like music to your ears, but how are you going to arrange that? And then the question is how do you ensure that your dog likes the harness? In this blog you can read all the answers to your questions. We make these leather harnesses entirely by hand in my studio in Dordrecht. This is why we can ensure that you can have a perfectly fitting harness made for your dog.

A leather harness for your dog

If you choose a harness, a leather version is great if you want it to wrap completely around the dog's body. Leather molds completely to the body. At least the leather we use at Meola Leather Dogs. We use supple leather, but of course leather that is sturdy enough to withstand the pulling force of your dog. We also use different leather for smaller dogs than for large dogs.

Another important point, actually the most important thing, is that the harness really fits your dog perfectly. If this is not the case, you will not have the benefits that a harness has. And I will help you to ensure that the harness fits perfectly. In other words, we will ensure that the harness fits perfectly and will become your dog's new favorite and also yours, because you will steal the show with it.

Measuring your dog

It is also worth mentioning that the way I explain below how to measure your dog only applies to the harnesses we make and therefore not to other brands. The advantage of the harnesses we sell is that you can adjust them in 3 places and the back is extra long. These are things that don't happen very often. This way, your dog will have plenty of room at the shoulders, so that no irritation spots can arise and there is the greatest freedom of movement.

The neck; Measure the neck above the breast lump that you feel on the chest. This is a lot wider than you measure a normal collar. This band is adjustable and should not measure within a centimeter, because you can make it larger or smaller than you measured it.

The stomach; You measure the belly by placing one hand behind the front legs and from that point you measure the entire belly. This band is adjustable and should not measure within a centimeter, because you can make it larger or smaller than you measured it.

The back; You measure this at the 2 points where the neck and abdomen are located and which are connected by the back. Keep in mind that you put one hand behind the front legs and then go straight up. This is so that the harness does not become too short. The back is the only part that is not adjustable.

The front legs; You measure the front legs from the point where the neck stops, between the front legs and ending where the belly band stops. This strap is also adjustable, so it can always be made larger or smaller than the size you specify.

Measuring in my studio in Dordrecht

Do you not completely trust it or do you find it difficult to measure your own dog? Then you can always come to my studio in Dordrecht and I will measure your dog. Of course, make an appointment in advance, you can send me a whatsapp for this.

Are you looking for a leather harness that fits your dog like a glove and do you want to steal the show with the leather set? Then check out the new collection , of course we also make leather leashes and collars.

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