wat is het verschil tussen een h-tuig en een y-tuig en waarom moet je een ytuig aanschaffen

The difference between an H-harness and a Y-harness

There is quite a bit of confusion about the H model harness and the Y model harness. Below I will explain everything about it and why the harnesses I make belong to the Y models. Just to clarify, I have obtained this information from various behavioral experts, a veterinarian, a lot of research on the internet and of course through my own experiences. I purely want to convey information in this blog and explain my view on it.

Why I prefer a harness

I always put a harness on my own dogs and there is certainly a reason for that. When you put on a collar, the neck muscles, vertebrae, nerves and, for example, the esophagus and trachea of ​​a dog are put under extra strain. Especially if your dog sometimes pulls or is still very young and is still discovering the world and therefore finds everything around him interesting. You can imagine that this can cause a lot of damage to the dog, let alone when he or she is still very young. That's why I always choose to put a harness on my dogs. If your dog always runs loose, then it is of course a different story, but that is not the case with the average dog.

The H-harness or a breast collar

Annemiek from Dog School Learn Together has created a perfect image to quickly see the difference in harness models. Here you see the H-harness on the left and this is also sometimes called a breast collar. Imagine you are standing IN FRONT of the dog, you will see a vertical line on the left, a horizontal line across its chest and then another vertical line on its right side, i.e. if you are standing IN FRONT of the dog you will see an H in this harness. This is the reason this rig has this name.

As you can see in the image, this model compresses the dog's organs. This means the dog does not have maximum freedom of movement. It is also possible that smart dogs or, for example, dogs that have been traumatized by first living as street dogs escape from this harness. If the dog moves its shoulders forward and narrows them, the harness can come off very easily. This is because there is no band between the front legs.

The Y-harness, the model that you can find in our webshop

This is the model of harness that we always recommend. I'll walk you through why this harness has a Y-harness. You can already guess it, but if you are standing IN FRONT of the dog you will see a V around the neck and a vertical band runs between the front legs towards the belly. So a Y shape. Always put on the harness and do not put it down, because when you have the harness on you can see much faster how it fits on the dog and which letter you see in it.

In the image you can see that this model of harness gives the dog complete freedom of movement and all the intestines are completely exposed. There is a big but to this, because the dog only has maximum freedom of movement if the back and the part that runs between the front legs is long enough so that the harness does not get stuck in the armpits. This can cause other problems such as chafing, matted fur and of course the dog's freedom of movement is limited. Because this model of harness has a strap between the front legs, it is not possible for your dog to escape from it. Unless your dog has 3 legs instead of 4, but we don't assume that.

Photo taken by; @plintstagram

As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of the Y-harness. This is also the reason you find this one in my webshop . We make the harnesses you find there in our workshop in Dordrecht. So 100% handmade. Our harnesses are also extra long on the back and between the front legs. This so that we give the dog maximum freedom of movement. Are you also looking for a perfectly fitting leather harness? In this blog I will explain to you how to measure your dog. Are you a little unsure? Then film your dog when you measure him or her and whatsapp it to me so I can watch with you. If you live near Dordrecht, you can of course also come by so I can measure your dog. Please make an appointment in advance.

Love Amy

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