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Sale click collars

Sale click collars

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Tough dog collar

These dog collars are really cool! Not only because they are made of leather, but also because there is an option to put your dog's name on the collar to be put. And if necessary I can also have your telephone number put on a coin. The collars are made by ourselves in my studio, so 100% handmade.

The collar is made of 2 layers of leather, which provides extra strength. It has silver fittings, is finished with stitching and opens with a click buckle.

There are collars for sale in 15mm that have the following sizes;

Size S can be adjusted from ; 20 to 30cm

Size M can be adjusted from ; 22 to 35cm

Size L can be adjusted from ; 30 to 50cm

The 25mm collars have these sizes;

Size S can be adjusted from ; 32 to 45cm

Size L can be adjusted from ; 50 to 75cm

Please note the following points;

  • Check your dog's neck size in advance by measuring it.
  • Would you prefer a harness? We also have those in stock.
  • Would you like to have something tailor-made for your dog? Send me an email or whatsapp.
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