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Leather drawing tapes

Leather drawing tapes

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Customize leather drawing wristbands yourself

These anti-tick collars are special if you want to combat ticks and fleas in your dog in a natural way. These tick collars contain white EM beads and these ensure that ticks and fleas stay away, this is 100% natural. To ensure the safety of the dog, we always take off these beaded bands at night.

You can customize this bead necklace (that's what I always call it) yourself, or indicate which color you would like (available colors can be found in the photos, do you want a different color? Let me know) and what neck circumference your dog has. and then I will send you the self-compiled copy within 2/3 weeks. The chain is adjustable by around 10 cm, so if you provide your dog's neck size, it can always go around his or her head.

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