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Do it yourself package BEAR BAG

Do it yourself package BEAR BAG

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Have you always wanted to make your own leather bear bag?

With this package you can do that all by yourself at home WITHOUT A SEWING MACHINE!

There are many different types of leather, all of which give their own original twist to your bag. What color can I make this bag in? Well, that's up to you, I have many sheets of leather in stock, you can choose from anything that is suitable for a bag.

If you would like to add a playful effect, you can turn the handle over so that the suede side becomes visible. This is the fun thing about making your own bag. You can make the bag completely your own by customizing it. You choose which type of leather, which color or whether you want an extra coat. You choose how big it is, how low it hangs, which side you wear it on, what color haberdashery you use... The possibilities are endless!

You might fiddle around the first time - which is totally okay and part of the fun? - but once you master the process, you'll make a whole range of bags! You are never completely alone, because I guide you every step of the way. Is something still unclear? Let me know. I'm here for you❤️

I have recorded a very clear video for you, so that you can see step by step how to make a holder. Super handy, because you can be sure that this bag will become your new favorite.

What can you expect from this DIY package?

  • Pre-cut 3 pieces of leather, leather strap
  • Tools; Hollow pipe round
  • Lots of fun and a sense of satisfaction

What you need to have at home to make the bag

  • Hammer
  • Hard wooden plank, e.g. made of oak
  • Silver pen
  • Sharp (leather) scissors
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